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Single Customer View

A complete picture of the people who matter

Data is the key to audience management. However, how can you understand your customers when the data you hold is inaccurate and disorganised? A Single Customer View (SCV) is a complete picture of when, where and how people have interacted with your business. By incorporating every touch point with your brand into an intelligent and holistic summary, SCV enables you to maximise opportunities to drive sales, cross-sell, upsell and increase your customers’ lifetime value.


How It Works

Information about your customers can come from a variety of sources – where they advertise, events they’ve attended, publications they subscribe to and so on. Without efficient marketing database management this data can become quickly outdated and unwieldy. A Single Customer View collates these touch-points into one manageable customer profile. The remarkable benefits of this approach include:

Better customer experience

If a business does not engage effectively with its customers, then customers will not engage with the business. In fact, over 80% of consumers would take their custom elsewhere after a negative experience. An SCV enables communications to be targeted on a personal level, at the appropriate time for individual clients. The result is improved engagement from both sides and meaningful interaction that generates business.

Cost reduction and increased revenue

Single Customer View helps ensure you are only investing time, money and resources into activities that will yield a positive result for your business. By targeting communications, time and money is not wasted by interacting unnecessarily or inappropriately.

Improved customer service and retention

Customers appreciate receiving relevant information. Knowing your customer well enables a business to only interact in a way that benefits them or adds value. This is far more likely to result in recommendations, repeat business and positive reviews.

Single Customer View is an essential component of our software. Discover today how it enhances Event Registration Management and Audience Management.

Don’t just take our word for it…

We have a growing stable of exhibitions, conference and awards that need an ever evolving marketing strategy. Legacy systems have meant that we needed to find a supplier of a suitable system that enables us to have a Single Customer View of all our marketing data and Beeline are providing that. We look forward to working with them and benefiting from the market segmentation that this affords.

James Lamb – Crain Communications