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General Data Protection Regulations Why this is a great thing for your marketing, your audience and your digital communications


Imagine if one day you came to work and ALL your email data had become redundant and useless!

What would you do?
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In fact in May 2018 (that’ll come sooner than you think!) you can face fines of up to €20m if you use an email address without the proper consent.
Have you checked your balance lately to see if you could afford this?

Now, I know it’s a little dry and a little boring and May 2018 might seem like a long way in the future but to ensure this does not happen you have to take action NOW – not spend 2017 ignoring it

In May 2016 these two things were put into EU law with a deadline of May 18 to get things prepared

  1. You need to get opt-in permission for any cookie tracking done by your web sites. This is fairly easy to put into place as there is just one point of contact – your web site.
  1. This one’s a lot harder…you need to get written permission to send someone an email.

Now historically the UK (especially in the B2B sector) has had a fairly soft approach to managing their email audience…


• “Opt-in” has generally meant “not opted out”
• Opt-in boxes have been pre-populated with a tick
• All email addresses have been fair game as long as an “unsubscribe” option has been used.
• 3rd party data has always been accepted under trust of the opt-in process.

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Brexit has not allowed us to dodge this!!!

If you want to communicate digitally with anyone else within Europe EVER you need to act now.

This comes into force before the UK leave the EU (maybe well before) and the UK will adopt the same strategy anyway once we do exit….AND…best practice marketing suggests we should do this irrespective of the new rules.

We’re not going to get away with it anymore and, I, as the owner of a Data Management company and as a marketer, think this is a GOOD thing.Image4

I’ve long been a fan of the adage that quality trumps quantity every time. I hear the sales teams and publishers reading this gasp in horror! Why it’s good for us…

Image3“Surely a big number is better than a small number – more impressive, easier to sell”?

Well, if you could offer these things wouldn’t they be easier to sell?

Appoint a Data Protection Officer.
One expert, one point of contact, one responsibility, one voice.How can you go about this?

  1. Appoint a Data Protection Officer. One expert, one point of contact, one responsibility, one voice.
  1. Get buy- in at board level. This is has far–reaching strategic implications. Done wrong and it can devastate your marketing potential. Done right and it can rocket your marketing to the top level.
  1. Create a communication strategy. The aim is to get your audience to opt-in to each of your digital products. This can be a positive campaign based on finding out what your audience want and giving it to them.
  1. Build robust systems. You need to enable data preferences to be
    1. Recordable
    2. Adhered to
    3. Visible
    4. Accessible
    5. Editable
  2. Review all terms and conditions. This needs to be for each point you collect personal detail – be it an email address on the phone or IP address via your web site.
  1. Review your 3rd party data purchase strategy. Many lists are currently sold as opt-in. I’m not convinced these are mostly anything apart from not opted-out.
  1. Speak to us. We’ve put a lot of work into our systems and our knowledge to be able to assist you in anything to do with the regulations – or any wider data issues


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Don’t ingore this.

Done well you will improve your marketing results and create a more engaged audience.

Done poorly (or not at all) and your marketing could come to a grinding halt.


P.S Did your balance cover the €20m???