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Your “category of one” and finding ways to communicate this to your potential customers

I spent a valuable days training yesterday courtesy of The Brand Gladiator – Neil Humphrey  – branding expert from  Nigel Botteril’s Entrepreneurs Circle and, as usual, came away inspired.

The day was focussed on how to identify your “category of one” and finding ways to communicate this to your potential customers

Most times when it comes to my turn to tell people what Beeline does to support publishers everyone looked completely blank – Haven’t got a clue what I have told them about Audience Data, B2B media and the single customer view – and who could blame them.

Your “category of one”? – let me explain

There’s a process here, you see, to enable you to identify really what you do and why you do it and be able to communicate it in a way that’ll switch on a light bulb in the minds of your customers.


So first we created a customer Avatar. We (should) all have done this before but this time we really honed in on what our target market was feeling, doing, thinking, seeing and the pains and gains they were experiencing. There is no real point in putting together any communication plan until you first know who your audience is. (Market, Message, Media in that order)

There are 3 main rules to be a “category of one” expert. 3 things that all brands that can communicate this, have in common


  1. They know more about their customers than anyone else
  2. They get closer to their customers than anyone else
  3. They emotionally connect with their customers than anyone else


The next step is to look at your business and ask yourself (and answer) 4 questions

  • What is most important to you and your business?
  • What is your mission? Be specific and you’re not allowed “to make lot of money”.
  • What are your customers really buying? For instance – if I bought a top of the range Jaguar XK (what, another one!) I wouldn’t be buying a car. I would be buying that feeling every time I opened the door, sat down in it and turned the engine one.
  • What do you do differently? It could be the results of outcome of what you do, your track record, proven results, how you present or package your product, how you do what you do, how well you do it etc tec.

Once you’ve got this completely finished you can look at your statement –

Use these words

  • We (deliver buyers)
  • For (the advertisers)
  • Who (are your clients)
  • So (you can generate profit)
  • Without (taking your mind away from what you do)

This is what Beeline has come up with

What we do…

We deliver buyers for your advertisers and the tools to communicate with them

Our mission is…

To create an industry wide ethos that puts audience data at the forefront

What do you get out of us…?

A single clear view of your most important asset – your audience data.



If you have any interest in looking at the Entrepreneurs Circle and what it has to offer let me know – they have my thorough recommendation